Celestial Mechanica co-creator Roger Hicks this week released his album "Space Time Capsule" under his artist name "Rekcahdam." Currently touring Japan, the indie game developer spoke at the Tokyo Indie Underground get-together at 8bit Cafe, just prior to the Tokyo Game Show. Streaming online and independently funded through my own Kickstarter, the talk event served as an overview of his collaborations with pixel artist Paul Veer and composer Disasterpeace, while also teasing a project dubbed "Band Saga."

Rekcahdam's gaming prototypes, among them rComplex, were influenced by auteur titles like Daisuke Amaya's Cave Story and experimented with traditional 2D gaming conventions. His online chiptune tracker PulseBoy sought to lower the barrier to entry for aspiring musicians. With Band Saga's music-driven gameplay, he hopes to seamlessly integrate these forms of creativity to offer "the best of both worlds," allowing players to create music within the context of an interactive storyline.

In the above embedded video, Rekcahdam performs music from the upcoming game at Sabaco in Waseda, Tokyo. Live music by Daniel Olsén from Simogo Games' Year Walk can also be viewed, as part of the event's video playlist.

roger.pngBand Saga concept art slide from the Tokyo Indie Underground talk event