It's not often music becomes an enemy in a video game. But that's the crazy world of Soundodger+, a world where aural stimulation manifests itself and attempts to do the player harm. The truth is this game has the most pleasant sounding bullets in any game ever.

Soundodger+ is not exactly a rhythm action game, but you do have to pay attention to the way the tunes shape the levels if you hope to survive the song. Levels are set inside of a circle on a stark white background. Turrets spin around the outside of the play area and fire bullets into the open space you occupy. They're always a contrasting color, so it's hard to lose sight of them, especially when they start to almost literally fill the screen.

Things can get pretty tense when you get deeper into a song and there's little room for escape. Luckily you have the ability to slow the song down and squeeze through narrow openings between the now-lethargic bullets. Overuse of this mechanic seems to lower your completion percentage, so those going for high scores will find practice makes a huge difference.

The higher your percentage is the better, as it's added to a cumulative total with the rest of the library to unlock more songs. The 23 included songs are incredibly enjoyable, some of which are composed by Disasterpeace and Danny B. You can also import your own MP3s and allow the game to autogen new levels, or edit them yourself in the game's extensive level builder.

Soundodger+ is available now for Windows through Steam for $6 at a 25 percent discount. October 18 will bring its cost back up to $8.