In the near future of Confederate Express, a strategy RPG from Kilobite, technology has finally granted humanity with the immortality through the use of a computer chip. Unfortunately something has gone wrong, and those who do somehow die stay alive as zombies due to a malfunction of the chip. Now, with the world under the veil of an accidental zombie apocalypse, it's your job to ensure the delivery of packages and parcels. Wait. What?

That's right, Confederate Express puts you in charge of a delivery service. Through rain or shine or endless hordes of zombies, packages still need to get to their destinations. Your company is staffed with ex-convicts, provided by the prison system. They'll supply more should your employees meet with unfortunate endings, a common occupational hazard in this line of work.

Packages can range in size and shape, so while a light parcel might take 15 minutes to deliver, heavier packages may require a longer mission. You'll be able to scavenge weaponry and high-tech devices from the randomly generated environment to help you complete your tasks. Performing more difficult deliveries will result in rewards equal to the challenge. You might get simple gear upgrades for an easy mission, but you may be able to hire mercenaries after the completion of a tougher job.

Kilobite has put the game up on Kickstarter, which they're hoping will help fund the "complicated rendering method" being used to create the visuals. It's not hard to believe, as the lighting engine they've come up with is certainly noteworthy. Confederate Express is a Windows-exclusive, and its estimated release is June 2014.