Dungeons of Dredmor developer Gaslamp Games has just lit the fire for its upcoming Clockwork Empires, releasing this fresh teaser trailer. The game promises colony-building with "simulated characters, steampunk industrial action, and cosmic horror" heading to Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2014.

The characters in the steam-powered colonies you must build all have their own memories, and their futures are shaped by the choices you make. With every scenario given, you can choose to align with "The Empire" or another faction or none at all, each choice with its own rewards and consequences. Clockwork Empires supports up to four players online or a turn-based 'round robin' successive multiplayer.

Those who want to test Clockwork Empires before it releases are encouraged to sign up for the game's official mailing list.

[source: @GaslampGames]