Tetrahedral Games has been working on their upcoming multiplayer action game Canto for nearly two years, and it shows. The studio is made up of industry veterans that stretch across a variety of projects, and the culmination of their experience is looking mighty impressive so far.

Canto's combat appears to be inspired by Capcom's Monster Hunter series, though a bit faster paced. The fighting system encourages chaining attacks together into more powerful combos. Enemies range in size, from normal, almost human-sized creatures, to gigantic dinosaur styled monsters.


Tetrahedral is making sure multiplayer will be a big part of the game's formula. You can take up to three friends into the field of battle. The co-op missions are designed to be shorter, more direct bursts of gameplay when compared to the single player content. Mining, crafting, and different types of weapons and armor are big parts of the game as well. Expect this one on PC at an as-of-now undetermined date.

[via NeoGAF]