gk20th-logo-with-talisman.jpgUnbelievably, 20 years have passed since Sierra released the original Gabriel Knight and I am feeling rather old. Old and excited actually, as a remake of the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers classic adventure game has been announced and it's not on Kickstarter!

Admittedly the word "classic" gets thrown around quite a bit these days, but if there is one game to truly deserve it, that would have to be Gabriel Knight. It was simply sublime. A dark and beautiful adventure designed and written by Jane Jensen, set in '90s New Orleans, involving an ancient Shadow Hunters family and a voodoo cult, sporting some of the most imaginative puzzles ever and starring the charismatic duo of Gabriel Knight and Grace Nakimura, it went on to win almost every award 1993 had to offer.

Its remake, a collaboration between Jane Jensen herself, her Pinkerton Road studio and indie adventure maestros Phoenix Online Studios, will be appearing in 2014 for Windows, Mac and iPad and is aiming to become a faithful and aesthetically brilliant update. Robert Holmes, the game's original composer, returns to re-orchestrate GK's already terrific soundtrack, the interface will get a subtle yet much needed update, a new voice-over will be added (sadly though, without Tim Curry) and the new graphics will look a bit like this:


As for the core of the game itself, well, why fix what was brilliant already? It will remain for the most part untouched with the subtle addition of what can only be described as director's cut content. Oh, and some fixes to such things as frustrating-pixel-hunting-for-a-snake's-scale will also be implemented, meaning this should become the definitive version of Gabriel Knight.