IGF 2014 entries are out in the wild, and several of them have games to try right now. During a scan for all games starting with "The" (of which there are almost 30), eixsted a game called The White Cane. It's billed a survival memory game, where the world is in complete darkness other than those objects close to you. However, you never see the objects themselves, just text-wrapped representations of those objects.

The in-game instructions are written on some of the first objects you come across, some more clever than others. Once I got out of the bed, the game moved much faster, so expect a slow first 30 seconds. The White Cane's world is disorientating enough, so maybe it is for the best to take it slow at first. You'll be spending a lot of time trying to remember where everything is, presumably making a mental model of 3D objects you actually can associate with instead of just text. It's quite the brain exercise!

Before you start up The White Cane on a Windows machine, be sure to have the necessary Xbox 360 controller hooked up. If you enjoyed this slice of a game, know that The White Cane creators Evan Kice, Daniel Havens, Zach Barnes, and Chris Miller will continue to work on it until at least December, and they may Kickstart or continue the project depending on its reception.

[Download The White Cane]