alteredw.pngOriginally being sold for 3 dollars on Desura, Denis Grachev decided this week to make AlterEgo: DreamWalker a free download on all platforms that the game is available on (with the exception of Windows Phone). In it, you get to control two characters at the same time, but you're required to switch between both of them in order to overcome the challenges in each level.

The number of swaps allowed per stage will always be indicated above your twin's head. If you make a mistake or run out of switches before all items are successfully collected, the only option left is to restart the level. It's an unnecessary limitation imposed on players, but I suppose the developer's intention was to make each room seem more like a puzzle if you have to stop and think on your approach to gathering all of the pixels.

You can grab the Windows, Linux, and Android versions of AlterEgo: Dreamwalker from the link below.

[Download AlterEgo: DreamWalker]