megacity.jpgMegaCity HD is an addictive little puzzler that is just perfect for lunch breaks or bus trips. Each session will only take a couple of minutes to go through, and you'll be trying to beat your score attempt after attempt in an effort to unlock new building types to use.

Imagine yourself as a mayor in charge of zoning your city. A tile queue shows you the tiles that you have to place on a map, and through careful planning you'll have to match or surpass the total property value required for each column. When the target value for the column farthest to the left is achieved, the column will be removed from screen, some experience points are awarded, and a new column with more spaces to place tiles slides into view from the right. This continues on until the target value of the leftmost column is not met (after all of its tiles are occupied), or when no more empty spaces are available for you to place new properties.

As mentioned above, the experience points gained are used to increase your level and unlock new building types. If it takes rather long to build up your XP count, you can also attempt a variety of challenges that raise your XP point total significantly when completed. These range from having several properties with high value numbers, reaching a target score in a single session, or placing enough tiles of a certain type to meet the bonus XP requirements.

Some keen-eyed readers may have noticed that the recently-released Fright Heights bear a very close resemblance to MegaCity in more than several ways. ColePowered Games (developer of MegaCity) took note of this, and has contacted the studio responsible for Fright Heights to seek clarification on the matter. Having played both, the city planning elements in MegaCity seems much more fun than the iAP-laden effort put out by Chillingo.

MegaCity HD is available to play in your browser, on your iOS or Android phone, or you can grab it from the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.