asslevania.pngAsslevania: Symphony of the Butt has a bit of not-work safe language and graphic images, but if you're looking for a brutal Castlevania-like, whip-slinging, cross-flinging platformer for free, here you go!

WASD and arrow controls take a little adjusting. Be sure to master and use the triple jump as early as possible (helps skip part of the game). The slide is vital, too, used with "S" key and the up arrow.

The game doesn't seem to have any checkpoints, but it does allow you to save your level upon restarting. You build your level by collecting stars from hitting the candles.

The developer told me Part 2 of Asslevania is coming soon, in which one plays as Alucard and can go through the blue and green doors.

I'd like to say that the lines I've heard from Johnny Belmont aren't as golden as Dracula's, so hopefully you make it far enough for that boss fight. Those who topple Asslevania should then try out deathink's other creations, such as Z3lda: Mini Game.

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