bubsy3d.pngWhat could possibly go art? Perfect Stride and Zineth developer Arcane Kids celebrate Bubsy turning 18 by releasing the browser-based 'edutainment experience' Bubsy 3D: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective. The game realistically recreates the Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibit, and it contains several talking frogs that encourage reflection on art, too.

I found it plays a bit slowly until I got into the art museum, finally interacting with art in unconventional ways. After playing Bubsy 3D, Arcane Kids says to go visit an art museum and quit video games. But before that, do share how you level up your (spoiler)!

[Edit: For several spoilers, check out the evolving list of cheat codes from official twitter account@BubsyCheatZone.]

[Play Bubsy 3D]