megamiq.pngMegami Quest is a new self-incremental idle game by shimage in the style of Candy Box and Cookie Clicker. Players start out with just one member in the party, but new members (mercenaries?) can be randomly recruited if you have enough gold to hire them. Experience points are awarded automatically and can be incremented at a faster rate through the exploration of enemy-controlled locations. Every time you're done searching an area, at least one new location will be revealed for the party to explore.

Besides party recruitment, gold can also be spent in two other ways. Use it to up your character class and they get a boost in strength stats. Spend it on an inventory upgrade and it'll unlock five more empty slots for you each time. The found list at the top-right corner of your screen can be accessed to display the party members and items that you've discovered so far.

The JRPG theme in Megami Quest will certainly please fans of the genre, while others may not enjoy the wait between exploring locations too much. In any case, thanks to Paul Hack for the find!

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