party_business.pngParty Business is an entry for the recent Game Jolt contest by R. Hill. In this Unity Web Player game, you are a cake who must move around a 3D level picking up presents to take to a party while avoiding the forks that are trying to stab you. It's a pretty simple game, but it's also a solid game jam entry which uses the minimal graphics and sound it has to good effect.

The environment is bright and colorful, with puffy clouds in the sky, a sun worthy of a kid's coloring book, and angular trees. The player is a chocolate cake with brightly-colored candles on top wandering among green hedges and white paths. Enemy forks stick up above the hedges and are visible from a distance, as are the balloons tied to the presents. There is no confusion about what is what, and the things you need to aim for and the things you need to avoid are easy to find. There isn't any background music, but if a fork sneaks up behind you, you'll hear it chanting "cake, cake, cake" followed by an enthusiastic "YUM!" when it attacks. The forks also have an obvious animation indicating direction of attack.

All this put together means that learning the rules of the game is easy, and that once you get the hang of movement you'll be able to keep playing for a while. It's not the most original game jam game ever, but its visuals are pleasant and the home-made voice effects are entertaining. How long can you stay alive? How many presents can you get?

[Play Party Business on Game Jolt]