super_resident_raver.pngThere are a lot of zombie games out there these days, which almost invariably focus on survival in the face of hordes of horrors. In a sense, New Super Resident Raver is no exception. However, this One Game a Month entry from Game Cook, Inc. isn't about finding resources and bullets to survive a zombie apocalypse. It's focused on a more specific task: evacuating a building being invaded by zombies.

Each level is a different floor of a building. Each floor looks the same, but the scope of the game doesn't require more and the pixel art is nice. There are five doors, though only one can be opened at any given time. If you go in a door and come back out, a helpless resident comes out with you and starts to run for the nearest side of the screen, flailing their arms. The whole time, zombies are walking in from the sides, and if the residents encounter a zombie they'll turn around and flee in the other direction.

Your job is to shoot the zombies and get as many residents out as possible. You never run out of bullets, and the cash you get from saving people and killing zombies can be used between levels to buy upgrades or refill your health.

Aside from the sound of bullets firing, the aesthetics are all quite nice. The music is good and doesn't get annoying on loop. Pixelation makes the zombie deaths more comical than gruesome, and the game lets you get used to playing and shows you the first boss before the difficulty really ramps up. It would be nice if you could move and shoot at the same time, but once you get used to that limitation it stops being a problem.

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