end of the world.pnganna anthropy's latest Twine release, queers in love at the end of the world, is a panic-inducing click-fest. Players have only 10 seconds, as shown on the timer, before the world ends. Every click matters, and I can't possibly read quickly enough to soak in every word. The timer does a great job of distracting, as taking away even a milisecond makes a difference.

anna was inspired by Ludum Dare's recent 10-second theme, with her attempting to resolve the questions "if you only had ten seconds left with your partner, what would you do with them? what would you say?"

This is not the first Twine game to use a timer (based around the end of the world, no less). Freeindiegam.es covered Chaocalypse's One Minute To Apocalypse last year, and now sixty seconds feels like an eternity compared to the mere 10 anna gives.

In other anna news, she announced a new game with merritt kopas called SPACE / OFF, with a few photos and sketches now available for viewing.