tcristo2.pngThe Charity Game Jam isn't quite over at time of this writing, but submissions are starting to trickle in. Turbo Cristo by TakeTwoTablets is a simple game about driving dangerously, but it has a neat twist in that the player has some control over how quickly their speed accelerates.

The world is dark and the ground slopes away from you. Your headlights only stretch so far into the gloom, which means you can only see the trees when they get close. Glowing orbs are easily visible in the darkness. If you pick up an orb, your speed and score multiplier both increase, the music gets more exciting, and the sky lights up for a moment, illuminating the trees in front of you. Using the left/right arrow keys or the A and D keys, you swerve right and left to avoid crashing. Narrow misses net you 100 bonus points, but otherwise your score goes up steadily the longer you drive. In theory, you can pick up just enough orbs to get to a comfortable speed-to-score ratio and keep playing at your own pace, but there's a possibility that dodging trees will force you into one of the globes.

You can play Turbo Cristo on Game Jolt using the Unity Web Player. As part of the Charity Game Jam, every game has a button linking to a charity, and TakeTwoTablets chose Cancer Research UK for theirs.