signal2b.pngSignal is a PuzzleScript game that is best played without reading any description in advance. The developer doesn't provide any tutorial on how things work - you're supposed to learn about it as you play, experiment, and hopefully come up with the solution for yourself. The next few paragraphs will contain spoilers, so only read on if some of the latter puzzles are too abstract to figure out.

In each room there is at least one red dot on the floor. These dots can't be moved or interacted with, but you can place blocks on top of them. When all of the red dots have blocks on top and are still exposed to view, then you've solved the puzzle and can proceed to the next one.

Blocks can also be rotated, and when a block is pushed it will cause other matching blocks to slide in the same direction. The undo feature works here as well, in case you've made a mistake somewhere and wants to go back a couple of steps for another try.

Arrogant.gamer's Signal is available to play via the link provided below.

[Play Signal]