tvothief.pngAlex Tuckett's The Very Organized Thief is a 3D stealth game with a first-person view, set inside a house in which you have to find a number of items indicated by your checklist. Players will have to be quick about it though, since the owner is on the way home and could be at the front door at any time. And just to make things a little more interesting, the checklist and item placements are also randomized ever so slightly for each playthrough.

There's a surprising amount of stuff to ransack for a game that's made in just a week. Cupboards and drawers can be searched, both you and the owner can turn the lights on or off, and there's even a switchbox in the back to dismantle and disrupt the power supply. Players will receive a loot score if they've managed to escape with the stolen goods successfully, so be sure to grab any money stacks you see for some extra points.

The game is both playable in your browser and available as a zip file to download from Game Jolt.

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