tothestars3a.pngJero's To the Stars tells the story of an astronaut couple, where you play the role of a husband trying to save his wife from a ship marooned in space. The game starts out pretty simple, with just keys to find and music boxes to unlock, but things do get a bit crazy when crates make their obligatory PuzzleScript appearance.

Soon you'll discover there's a fire on the ship, burning any boxes in their vicinity and incinerating the poor soul who walks into them by mistake. There's no undo button to save you either, although the red plates on the floor will turn into checkpoints when you push a box into them.

The rooms aren't as constricting as other PuzzleScript games, with plenty of space to move around and arrange the crates to your heart's desire. This does lead to a slightly longer time spent on each puzzle, but you can solve most of them on your first or second try if you tread carefully and avoid the flames.

To the Stars is available to play via the link provided below.

[Play To the Stars]