vlambeer clone tycoon.pngCloning indie devs is hard. That's probably not the lesson developers Rik Nieuwdorp and Martijn Frazer want to impart foremost, but succeeding as the cloner in the free sim Vlambeer Clone Tycoon seems tough. Then again, maybe that's how it should be.

The developers described the purpose of the clone creator sim to be "to demonstrate how dismal it is to clone games by letting people experience this activity themselves..., a game in which the player assumes the role of a cloner with the single goal of ripping off Vlambeer as hard as possible." To top it off, you also have to release the game before Vlambeer and avoid legal troubles.

Once you "create" a game, you'll see it appear in this Vlambeer Cloning tweet history, being immortalized as a cheat and a hack forever.

So, make like a ninja (see reference here), and get to cloning!

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