Montreal-based indie game incubator Execution Labs announced today that it is taking applications for its second seed-funding program, through which Canadian indie developers can hope to get their big break.

The incubator, which was founded last year, previously provided five studios with seed funding, office space, development tools and assistance from a number of mentors in the field of game development, from both a creative and business perspective.

Now Execution Labs is looking for another batch of Canadian developers to bring onboard, although there's a slight twist this time around.

Applications must choose whether they want to enter the program on the "spin" track, or the "internal" track. Spin studios will then have the option to spin out into their own indie studio afterwards, while internal devs will be asked to stay on and tend to their game after it is completed.

This second option has been added for those developers who don't necessary want to run their own studio afterwards, but want to keep on working on their games independently.

All the information about the program can be found on the Execution Labs website, as can the application form.

[Mike Rose wrote this article for sister site Gamasutra]