bombernauts.pngAward-winning Closure developer Tyler Glaiel has opened up about his next project, Bombernauts, an online multiplayer battle game he's making with Sven Ruthner on art and Danny Baranowsky on music. Along with the announcement comes a shiny new teaser and a few details from Tyler about the Unity-based, Steam-headed game.

Tyler told me that players die when they're knocked off the level into the lava, simliar to Smash Bros., but with tons of bombs to facilitate the chaos. "Dead players become ghosts, which can periodically throw ghost bombs into the arena. Getting a kill as a ghost lets you respawn into the game world for another chance (as a zombie)." The last person standing wins.

He says that more game modes are planned for release, but they are not designed yet, along with "heavy customization." There is no local multiplayer mode or single player mode right now, though there's a good chance it'll make it by release. "I'm experimenting with different ways to handle a local multiplayer mode, there's a ton of design issues with it that would need resolving."

The game will be a paid release (not free-to-play) and with Unity, multiplatform is easy to support. He's considering Early Access, but that won't be until 2014.