pfvagabo.pngPost-future Vagabond is another wonderful freeware game from 868-HACK developer Michael Brough. Similar to the roguelike Zaga-33, you start out with a beam-like weapon (plus one more special ability to be discovered later) to use on a variety of scary-looking monsters.

Any enemies that get close to you will get a free hit in, but your shields will help you to absorb the damage several times while you strategize a way to escape from the current room. Succeed in defeating the monsters, and you'll be transported to the next stage to meet more adversaries and find even faster ways to die.

Progress is automatically saved from room to room, so you can quit at any time and continue to play later without having to start from the beginning. Post-future Vagabond comes in two flavors: Windows and Mac.

[Download Post-future Vagabond]