atkingm.jpgAll the King's Men is a short game made by Kyle Pulver (Offspring Fling) during a local game jam in Phoenix, and it sort of became a pretty fun thing to play after a bit of work and polish done to it. Because of this he's decided to release it as an example of what can be done with Otter, the new game making framework that Kyle is developing as well.

In All the King's Men your role is to protect the King, and you do this by forming a group of guards around his Royal Highness. You can add guards to the group by pressing the button they're assigned to, and the men will maintain their formation until they either stumble into a tree or engage an enemy in melee battle. The king must be guarded from damage at all costs, so your brave warriors will have to take arrows to the chest, shield the liege from explosive blasts, or even trade blows with assassins who are out to end His Majesty's life.

Items gathered from chests can be passed along to the king for points, which are then added to your score total when you've escorted the king to the end of the path safely. If your guards stray too far away from the king, you can make them run by pressing the R2 button (or space, if you're using keyboards controls).

All the King's Men is available to download from Kyle Pulver's site.

[Download All the King's Men]