datajack.pngThe last Epic Banana game was released a decade ago, and the developer has just set loose his product of a five-year dev cycle: mission-based stealth action cyberpunk game DataJack.

In this isometric hack-for-hire game, you run, crawl, detonate, or gun your way through areas. You can also locally or remotely hack turrets, power sources, databases, and more to infiltrate places and get whatever the job is done. You'll also need special tech from the black market to complete missions, too.

YouTuber TwoDash Stash has provided an extensive playthrough of the game here, if you want to see it in action before you spend 44MB of bandwidth:

DataJack was spotted last year and is now rallying support on Reddit in fear of five years of work going unnoticed. Help it build some exposure by sharing and downloading DataJack for Windows for free, and visit Epic Banana's site to donate via PayPal, if you feel inclined.