foiled.pngSeems that Bennett Foddy's game design knowledge has rubbed off on his students too. Foiled is a two-player dueling game made by Gabe Cuzzillo (an NYU undergrad who attends Mr. Foddy's class) and Aaron Taecker-Wyss, centered around the objective of defeating your opponent in a high-speed fencing match. Points are scored by killing the other player with your sword, then picking up their soul and depositing it at a marked area somewhere in the arena. Be the first to do this three times, and you'll win the round.

The sword is both your offensive and defensive weapon: it'll protect you from being stabbed by your opponent, but crossing swords with each other will knock the both of you back slightly. Your adversary will be killed when the sword touches his (or her) head, back or leg. Players are able to execute wall jumps, and the sword can be aimed forward, up, and downward as well.

Foiled is gamepad-ready for parties and such, though there are only three arenas to play in at the moment. Should you require some practice with the controls first, a short tutorial is also accessible via the main menu. The game is available as a free download from the link below.

[Download Foiled]