goomwitt2a.pngGet Out of My Way I'm Trying to Eat You (GOOMWITTEY for short) is a 2D platformer that could have come right out of Terry Cavanagh's back catalogue, what with its simple usage of colours and challenging level design. You play as a box that needs to reach to the exit in each room, all the while avoiding the traps and danger that sends you back to the starting point whenever you touch any of them.

Every so often you'll find a new ability that can be used to navigate difficult passages or overcome challenges that seem impossible at first. There's no text to explain or describe the powers that you acquire during your adventure, but trial and error will reveal their importance to your survival soon enough.

The current demo build features forty rooms to play through, and an extra hard world will be included in the final release version.

[Download Get Out of My Way I'm Trying to Eat You]