mogigi2.pngMogigi 2 is a new horizontal-scrolling shooter created by legendary Japanese developer Ikiki, a household name for difficult 2D platformers such as Nikujin, Teppoman 2 and Tekkyuuman. Though quite a departure from his usual work, Mogigi 2 can still provoke the usual string of curse words whenever players die from their own mistakes.

There are several types of power-ups to collect: spread shot, autofire, shield, and one-ups are all useful in delaying your inevitable destruction at the hands of your adversaries. Sometimes you'll need to smash sections of a wall using the Z key to pass through. A boss fight awaits at the end of each level, with every one of them slightly harder to beat than the last.

The game supports keyboard and joypad controls. To download Mogigi 2, just click on the link with the text "モギギ2". Also note that you're not supposed to touch the left side of the screen while playing, since this cowardly action will only serve to kill you instantly.

[Download Mogigi 2]