white night.pngOSome Studio writes that its upcoming third person adventure White Night combines light-based puzzles and survival horror elements while taking inspiration from classic games and cinema. "In White Night, light draws a discontinuous line between form and substance, a road mark leading from life to death. It's a trying journey to the heart of darkness, a journey of no return sometimes one has to accomplish in his existence."

The story is set in America in the 1930s, where players live "the nightmare of a man, hurt and trapped in an old family manor where darkness is a constant threat." The devs write that the game is an homage to the first Alone in the Dark and is the crossroads of "fantastic literature, cinema and videogames." The black and white contrast is inspired by Hitchcock masterpieces such as Pyscho and The Rope, and "the threatening perspectives of German expressionism (The Cabinet of Dr Calligari). David Lynch's crepuscular poetry is never far from the manor either."

White Night is an entrant in the 2014 IGF. Time (and the IGF jury) will tell if the game's elements match the striking mood in the above trailer. White Night should hit Windows and Mac next year.

[White Night]