equipp3b.pngI was rather excited to hear about Zach Johnson's The Legend of Equip Pants being a Zelda-like RPG delivered in episodic chunks, perfect to play when you only have a short while to spend with your phone or tablet. The entire storyline is based around set-pieces for puns about pants; our hero will be half-naked from the waist down at the start of the adventure, and more than half of his quest time revolves around finding something to wear.

The promise of RPG elements is misleading though. The first two episodes included in the initial iOS release feature no combat whatsoever. It leads to some confusion, since you have hearts shown at the top of the screen and there are containers that can be collected to increase their number. According to the developer the third episode will have enemy encounters, so that's something to look forward to in the near future.

What we've got right now is a brief exploration game which could be breezed through in under an hour, even shorter if you skip over conversations and the secret discoveries. No iAPs implemented here either, but you can always buy a beer (or a story choice) using real money to support the developer.

[Legend of Equip Pants on the App Store]