Multiple IGF 2013 award-winner FTL: Faster Than Light will be getting a free expansion and the much-requested iPad port early next year, as announced on Subset Games' website today. The iOS version includes the new expansion as well, and you can toggle the extra content off if you're looking to play the game in standard vanilla mode.

The iPad port features a redesigned interface to accomodate smaller displays, and nearly all iPad models (2nd generation iPad models and up, plus both iPad Mini models) are supported and will run the game smoothly without any performance issues. Don't expect to see it coming to mobile phones though, since Subset Games have mentioned that FTL just wouldn't play well on devices with limiting screen space.

No price has been revealed for the iOS version yet, but owners of FTL on other distribution platforms will be getting the expansion for free once it comes out. Some additions already announced include a new mind control ability, a hacking module, more sectors and events (featuring story elements from Planescape writer Chris Avellone), new weapons, drones, augments, ships (both friendly and enemy types) plus much, much more.

More information regarding FTL: Advanced Edition and the new enhancements can be found over at Subset Games' website.