After releasing an alpha version for everyone to play online, the developers of Elliot Quest have launched a Kickstarter page earlier this month. As we've previewed earlier, the story is about a young lad named Elliot who had been cursed by a sickness that prevents him from dying. To cure himself of the rare disease, he must seek help from one of the island's Guardians, armed with just a bow and a quiver of arrows for protection on his journey.

The demo features a metroidvania-style map for players to explore. Rooms that have been searched will be highlighted in red, and there are checkpoints that you can use to save your progress from time to time. Pots can be destroyed and chests can be opened for coins and health, though the current build available has no shop for you to spend your financial gains on yet.

Ansimuz Games are already a quarter of the way to achieving their funding goal after one week. If you'd like to check out Elliot Quest for yourself, there's a demo link just after the video on their Kickstarter page.

[Elliot Quest on Kickstarter]