shu feature.pngHey, Shu! is a crazy-cute looking, real-time gardening game planned for iOS, Android, and possibly Ouya and PC if enough goals are hit. Players control a little ball of happiness which aims to restore a planet's life by rolling in the grass, bouncing through the hills, and planting vegetation.

Being a real time game, Hey, Shu! will require constant tending of your virtual gardens, but it will be forgiving enough such that you can nurture things back to health, should you skip out on your godly duties.

Colin Sanders and Jason RT Bond's Hey, Shu! was included in the amazing 2014 IGF mobile highlights we ran weeks ago, and it's nice to finally find out more about the project. The devs have set a $20,000 CAD goal, and for roughly $170 USD, you can get a hand-made plushie that should look something like this:

shu plushie.png

Fingers crossed the gameplay matches the adoration that this plushie already has won from me.

[Kickstarter for Hey, Shu!]