trust me sugar.pngThe world would undoubtedly change if something happened and women were nowhere to be found. A planet of men and men only might bring cartoonish thoughts of reclining toilets and beer water fountains to some minds. To others, like developer Austin Jorgensen, it conjures situations a bit more dire. Thusly, we have Lisa The Painful RPG to look forward to.

Jorgensen envisions this world as one where human intelligence has begun to decay. Things are positively unravelling without the fairer sex around. This is a world where drugs are commonly used and violence has become its own sort of debauchery. There will be a large emphasis on decision making in Lisa, and decisions made will change the progress of your adventure. For example, you may be faced with the ability to save a member of your party, but at the cost of one of your limbs. Saving them would permanently affect your stats, while leaving them to die would reduce your party by one character. You can reveal the location of towns to enemies for profit, but that would erase all stores, events and sidequests from that particular location permanently.

Lisa is up on Kickstarter right now. The game is coming to the Windows, but could potentially head to other platforms in the future.