ossuary.pngGregory and Melissa Avery-Weir of Future Proof Games have released their company's first commercial game, Ossuary, described as a dark, puzzling game where the player explores a strange underworld full of people slowly gathering dust. The Windows-only title has a hypnotic trailer (seen after the jump), but it's really the text and the puzzles contained therein that will hook you.

Long-time readers may know Gregory Weir from such freeware titles as Looming, The Day, and Beneath the Waves. Ossuary is much larger follow-up to the 2010 experimental free game Narthex and bares a similar but refined aesthetic.

While the game features a coin collecting mechanic, the real bread and butter is how you gather information from talking to, following the directions of, and later coercing the people you meet. From your interactions, you also gain each of the deadly sins to be used as tools to corrupt, as you attempt to escape and achieve one of six available endings.

I asked developer Gregory about the Discordian religious tradition that inspired the game. He said the game uses a lot of terms and entities from Discordianism, including the Five Orders. "It quotes liberally from Discordian texts, and the character of Grayface is a prominent figure in Discordianism. Themes of antiauthoritarianism and moral relativism are prevalent in Discordianism as well."

He noted, however, that the game's story and content is totally original, as is the setting of the Ossuary.

You can explore Ossuary in full now for $5 or more (if you're feeling charitble) via the Humble Store.