steamworld dig.jpgSwedish studio Image & Form will release an HD version of its highly lauded Steampunk-Western set platform mining adventure SteamWorld Dig to Steam on December 5. The former 3DS eShop exclusive was an addictive blend of Motherload/Terraria style digging and resource management, along with simple crafting, an upgrade system, and tight platforming mechanics and controls spread across a 5-7 hour story-filled campaign.

Along with this announcement comes details of the HD port. From the press release: "SteamWorld Dig now plays at 60 frames per second in full HD, and features gamepad support as well as keyboard controls," notes lead designer Olle HÃ¥kansson. "We have added many nifty features such as achievements, bloom filters and cloud saves, but put our main focus into making the experience feel custom-tailored for the desktop... and it looks and feels marvelous."

The studio plans on releasing future SteamWorld game on 3DS still, but for now mark your calendars with SteamWorld Dig for December 5 on Windows and Mac, and set aside $9.99 / £6.99 / €8.99, give or take a release discount.