pocketst2a.jpgThough Pocket Stables came out for Android devices back in March, the iOS port was the victim of a long delay and had only just arrived on the App Store last week. The game puts you in the shoes of a horse ranch manager, tasked with rearing the fastest horses in the country and winning every championship race there is to participate in.

Starting out with a stable and some cash in hand, you must first purchase a horse to nurture and train. There are four types of training programme to choose from, and they all offer a marginal increase to a horse's stats whenever any exercise is carried out. Daily schedules can also be drawn up for every racehorse, forcing them to follow a very specific training regime under the supervision of a pro jockey.

pocket3b.pngWinning championships often reward players with cash prize and medals. Money can be spent on buying new facilities for your ranch or set up visitor attractions to generate income on the side. Medals are required for research and ability upgrades, though occasionally they are used to fund special training for your horses as well.

Being live animals, your horses will also grow older with age. Once they're well past their prime, it may be time to retire them and use them for breeding purposes. Racehorses that do not meet your stringent requirements can also be sold off for a tidy sum.

pocket3c.pngTo sum it up nicely Pocket Stables plays a lot like Grand Prix Story, but instead of race cars you now have horses to deal with. If you're a fan of everything that Kairosoft has done, then Pocket Stables is a worthy addition to your library. Anyone else expecting a repeat of their earlier success with Game Dev Story may just have to wait a little while longer.

Pocket Stables is available now from the App Store and Google Play.