There isn't another game quite like Proteus, but it's important to know what it is going in. This is a single-minded experience that centers directly on the exploration of a procedurally generated island. Truthfully, the surroundings are both gorgeous and interesting. The colorful trees and a sky with shifting hues compose a world unlike any other. Shifts in the sound occur regularly as well, with bouncing creatures booping their way across the ground or the plunking of falling rain as a storm rolls in from across the horizon. The Vita version allows you to interact with the world in subtle ways with the touch screen as well.

There's no goal in Proteus other than to experience the nature around you, so if you're looking for something deeper, it might not be for you. If that kind of thing sucks you in, though, you won't find anything else quite like it. The PSN version is Cross Buy enabled and is available now for $13.99.