QCF Design's gone digital gold, finally releasing its casual and quick roguelike puzzle game Desktop Dungeons into the wild. The OST by Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope is also available, along with The Goatperson DLC, which adds a new playable class, a new building that contains an Item Lottery, and a series of unique Triple Quests which reveals new knowledge about the Desktop Dungeons world.

Those who preordered should visit the Desktop Dungeons main site to redeem their Steam key. New players can purchase it directly from the QCF at $15 for a Steam key and a browser-based version or grab it for 10% during a one-week via Steam.

The DLC and OST can be purchased separately or as a whole with the game for $25 (or 10% off on Steam). Those who have somehow missed the joyous noise QCF has made since 2010 can try out Desktop Dungeons for free.