riskrain2a.pngRisk of Rain is a Kickstarter project that was funded around six months ago, described as a roguelike platformer with procedural-generated elements and a genuinely interesting gameplay mechanic. Developed using the Game Maker engine, it features ten playable characters to choose from (though only the Commando is available at the start), more than a hundred items to unlock, a variety of drones to recruit and help you on your mission, plus an assortment of enemies and bosses randomly spawned to keep players on their toes all the time.

The intro to the game begins with a cutscene that shows a space transport being torn apart by a mysterious figure (whose identity is only revealed much later). One of the cargo holds crash lands on an alien planet, and that's where your adventure into the unknown begins. You must find the teleportation device located somewhere on each level, activate it, then proceed to kill everything before it can take you to the next area. Sounds rather simple, save for the fact that by activating the teleporter an enemy boss will appear and try to stop you from getting away.

As hinted above and in the title of the game, the longer you play, the more likely that harder monsters will appear to take you down. You may want to gather some experience points and level up your character, but doing so means you run the risk of being overwhelmed by difficult encounters and extremely tough bosses to beat later on. How you play the game is your decision: do you rush through it with an underpowered character, or take your time to explore and unlock as many items as you can?

Risk of Rain comes with local and multiplayer co-op options, and there's even a demo (though slightly outdated) that you can try before purchase.