goodgameclub.pngPlan of Attack & Indie Press Day's Good Game Club will host over 20 local indie developers and fans of their games at the contemporary gallery White Walls in San Francisco on November 13. The lineup includes Gaijin and Robotube's Destructamundo, Necrosoft's Gunsport, Orthogonal's The Novelist, Action Button's Videoball, Lazy 8's Extrasolar, and Jason Robert's Gorogoa.

Tickets are normally $6, plus an Eventbrite processing fee. However, Plan of Attack's Tricia Gray will hook up 10 IndieGames' readers with free tickets to events. The first ten people that leave a comment saying they can attend, signed into Disqus with a valid email address, will get a ticket.

Those who can't attend should still check out the Good Game Club website for its spazzy spotlight effects. Nice one, Moniker!