oh crap.jpgThe visually striking High Moon from Quantum Cohort will be a turn-based strategy game for smartphones, tablets, and possibly PC, and it will sport a western/sci-fi theme, where cowboys, cowgirls and wild creatures duel with magic. Working with James Robinson, developer Stephen Gibson shared with me some details of his team's upcoming entry, which he says plays more like chess than rock paper scissors.

Each duelist will have 6 elements, and during each combat round, you can only use each element once, either offensively or defensively. "We tried very hard to make sure the elements were perfectly balanced so that there is no one perfect strategy, and no one is more powerful than another in regards to what's available to you," Stephen said.

These duels are meant to last 3-6 minutes. "For beginners, they'll have unlimited turn times so they can get use to the game and be able to figure out how everything works."

Stephen says character progression is mainly a single player campaign feature. "Each character will have 3 'Foci', which unlock as you play through the game. These are different ways to focus your elemental powers and can be used once per round."

The twist is that as your character unlocks Foci, your enemies will also be unlocking them. "If you know how to use your elements or foci better than your opponent, that is what makes you more powerful. Because foci add to your strategies, it therefore gives you the ability to be more powerful based on your decisions."

Stephen also described several touch screen features which should make casting spells more satisfying. "You'll be able to drag your spinning elemental circle to either yourself or your opponent, instead of just tapping on who you want to cast on. When you have foci, when you grab your elemental wheel, Foci rings will pop up and you'll be able to drag your elemental wheel through those rings to add the foci bonus to the element."


The campaign will allow you to unlock the avatars of the opponents you fight to be used in a customizable hot-seat duel mode. Each duel will also be ranked out of three stars to motivate hardcore players to get all 3 stars per duel. The campaign will also feature the tutorial and gradually teach you how to use each element/focus. For even more life to the game, an optionally randomized challenge mode will tackle on enemies more difficult than the main story for hardcore players.

Quantum Cohort will soon run a Kickstarter campaign to help fund High Moon's release on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, along with Windows, Mac, and Ouya ports, if there is enough interest. For now, be sure to follow @QuantumCohort for the latest.