coincry.pngPlans to port Wadjet Eye's back catalogue of releases to iOS had been known a while back, though the process was a laborious undertaking that took a lot of time to get right on touchscreen devices. So far only Gemini Rue made it to the App Store, and it was understandable that Dave Gilbert and his team would select a much shorter game like The Shivah to port next.

The graphics from 2006 may not seem appealing to mobile and tablet owners, and in the end they've decided to enlist Ben Chandler's help to redo all of the character art, backgrounds and portraits. Samples of difference between the old and new screenshots can be seen in this post.

The Shivah: Kosher Edition launches on November 21st, and a demo is available to download from the site. Pre-orders between now and the release date will also be getting a special 20% discount.

Since the Blackwell series is wrapping up nicely this year, dare we expect a sequel to The Shivah next?