It was about about a week ago that I was able to bring you the first footage and details of Stranded, an upcoming adventure game with a vague-yet-mysterious trailer. Luckily, developer Peter Moorhead sent me a small preview build that fleshes out the footage in that first teaser, and I was able to record my play session for everyone to see.

This demo was put together more to establish the style of the game, and doesn't show anything off in the way of puzzles. However, it does a good job capturing the essence and mood of Stranded's environments. The minimap staying in game instead of turning into an off-screen menu is a nice touch, keeping the immersion intact.

While the demo provides a glimpse into the game's world and mechanics, it also creates a bunch of questions regarding what exactly is going on. Moorhead said that the events in the demo will occur in a more natural progression throughout the course of the real game, and that they're placed here in such quick succession as examples of what's possible.

There's still no defined plan for a release date. The game is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux, and possibly Android afterward.