123ban3a.png1-2-3-ban is a new PuzzleScript game by Alan Hazelden, one-half of the development team responsible for the chemistry-themed puzzler Sokobond. The objective here is simple: you have to turn all grey objects on screen into red by touching them, although this has the effect of glueing them together. Players can only connect one ball with another when the number of dots on them are sequential in order, else you'll only push them away when trying to move towards a grey ball.

As usual, if you make a mistake you can rewind your moves one at a time using the Z key. Pressing R resets the level. There are only a handful of rooms to solve at the moment, but Alan has expressed interest in possibly expanding it further down the road.

1-2-3-ban is available to play at the link provided below.

[Play 1-2-3-ban]