holiday game jam.jpgTeddy Diefenbach (Hyper Light Drifter) and Archie Prakash (Asteroid Soccer 2014) of Glitch City have organized and released 25 games for the $1-plus Holiday Game Jam bundle, with all of the proceeds going to Child's Play Charity. Several of the games I've tried are browser-based, so regardless of platform you should have something to play.

33rd street.jpgShown above, 33rd Street by Joel McDonald is the story of a dad who coudn't afford to live on 34th street, let alone buy all his family presents. In this sim, you must juggle your job, your family's social engagements, and their shopping lists (noting when things go on sale and actually navigating stores when it's time to buy).

reindeer game.jpgA Reindeer Game (above) is a Puzzlescripted challenge of preparing Santa's sleigh with one or more animals, sometimes with dancing elves in the way, and other times with hallucinogenic ale. Recommended by the organizers, The Ghosts of Christmas Whatever is a "psychodickensian Twine adventure" by Laika Fawkes where you build up Humbug points for your choices and use ghosts to teach an elder the meaning of Christmas.

Other holiday notables include Fireplace Simulator 2013 by Cyborg Dino, Tiny Rabbi Saves Hanukkah! by Adorkable Games, Three Kings by Jacob Boyle, and North & Heavy by jagraybox. Actually, a lot of the games are fun little diversions, and for the cheap-o minimum price of $1 donation all going to charity, you could do worse this holiday with your cash.

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