division cell.jpgFinnish studio Hyperspace Yard has just released sleek puzzler Division Cell for mobile phones, along with a free basic browser demo. The goal is to push (with available white dots) or pull (black dots) the edges of objects until they arrive at the same size and shape. The shapes which also have an edge along the invisible grideline you push or pull on will change, too, resulting in a fun geometric give-and-take.

While the browser demo generates an infinite number of puzzles, the mobile version packs 140 unique levels in 4 level packs, along with a procedurally generated time attack mode. The mobile version also better educates players in how to play, and indicates how the pieces can or can't move and when the pieces are the correct target shape.

Check it out in action in this trailer and then play below how you choose. The mobile versions costs $2, but for the amount of fun I had forcing geometry into congruency, the price feels right.

[Free online demo | iTunes | Google Play]