anotherp2a.pngAnother Perspective is a 2D puzzle platformer that will inevitably draw comparisons to Braid, though Shaun Spalding's game has nothing to do with time manipulation mechanics. Instead it revolves around a "soul-shifting" ability that allows players to switch between clones of themselves at the press of a button. Sometimes a clone may have a different perspective of a room, so swapping from one clone to another could result in alternate room layouts and key placements.

Because your character can't jump that high, clones that are not active could be used as temporary platforms to get to higher places or cross chasms. Often this means leaving some of your clones behind, but the game allows for it as long as one person is able to unlock the door and leave the room.

The Windows-only version of Another Perspective is available to purchase from Shaun's site for only $5.