Casual Bit Games is keeping the 8-bit traditions alive with pixelated graphics, tunes that could play through the 2A03 with a VRC-6-enabled cart, and a sharp difficulty curve in its upcoming project, Insanity's Blade.

Make no mistake about it, Insanity's Blade is one tough game so far. You'll be expected to make the most with the basics at first: jumping, punching and ducking. The controls feel a little tight in the current build, so even the patrol-type skeletons pose a health-draining threat. Being able to fire projectiles a little later into the level helps alleviate some of your immediate danger.

There seems to be quite a bit planned in terms of variety. The video posted below shows the main character surfing down a hill on a corpse. You'll have an AI-controlled partner and the ability to upgrade your attacks at a store. There are 18 stages planned, so don't expect it to be a quick adventure, either.

Casual Bit Games has put up a Windows-only demo through their Kickstarter campaign for those looking to try their hand at the game. It's also up for voting on Steam Greenlight. Insanity's Blade is scheduled to appear on Windows, Mac and Linux in April 2014.