ernesto RPG.png"For a long time I wanted to make an RPG without text, spatial movement or real-time based waiting and grinding," I Wish I Were the Moon developer Daniel Benmergui tweeted before releasing his latest game today, Ernesto - A Quick RPG. Players begin by clicking on a doorway and can quickly venture to any space around it, trying to level up, collect coins and items, avoid traps, or at any time back out of their moves and start over.

The action is as fast as I want it; it's definitely as dangerous as I need it. Some snakes poisoned and killed me instantly, and dark tunnels were either innocuous or deadly. Fortunately, there were other items on the dungeon-board that illuminated my journey.

I found extremely satisfying and simple to back out of any number of moves and replan a better path. I could even pick a new entrance to start from. I don't know if there is an ending to Ernesto, but I am having a really fun time playing over and over now.

This screams a paid mobile game hit to me, as I can imagine playing even faster by tracing my steps. Fortunately, Daniel released it for free.

Happy New Year, IndieGames community!

[Play Daniel Benmergui's Ernesto - A Quick RPG]